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Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
We promote religious tolerance and understanding by discussing religious and ethical topics from all viewpoints

Forum of Christian Publishers
Presentation of Christian Messages in Media

Difusión de las Buenas Noticias
el mensaje de salvación

Gott und die Welt, Glauben und Wissen
Large collection of quotes by Church fathers, authors, and leaders.

Greek photo gallery
Greek photo gallery (Santorini, Architecture, Mount Athos, Religion, People, Nature, Food & Drinks, Still life, Textures, Art, Boats, Sunset)

Features articles on God, faith, prayer, the nature of spirituality, society and ethics, with numerous resources. All religions respected.

Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR)
Established in 1988 and recognized in Italy as a public cultural institution in 1996, CESNUR is an international research center in the field of religious studies and new religious movements.

Kristeligt Dagblad
Artikler med stof om tro og etik, religion og eksistens fra papiravisen - er her gratis tilgængelige. Døgnets nyheder opdateres løbende.

Lexikon Kirche und Religion
Viele Einträge von Advent bis Zölibat, populärwissenschaftlich, Gemeinschaftsprojekt verschiedener Bistümer.

Information on Church of Scientology and Dianetics
Offers answers to questions about this religion.
Ein Portal zu Theologie und Religion, mit Texten, Downloads und vielen Links.

Church of Scientology International Human Rights Office - France 2004
Information on attacks against the Scientology religion in France.

Religious Movements
Jeffrey K. Hadden's extensive collection of resources covering cults, sects, and new and established religions. Includes profiles and links for over 200 religious movements, discussion of cult group controversies, and teaching course materials.

The Revealer
A daily review of religion in the media.

Kashmir News Network
The culture, heritage, tradition, and religion of the Pandits of Kashmir.

Covenant News
Daily news about current events affecting our society's morality: murder by abortion; population control; Planned Parenthood; freedom of speech and religion; homosexuality; abortion aftercare.

Northvegr: The Northern Way
Organization dedicated to the promotion of the Northern Way, a Reconstructionist Tribalist tradition endeavoring to rebuild the religion and culture of the pre-Christian Northern Europeans.

Martin Buber
Site zu Leben und Werk des Philosophen und zur christlich-jüdischen Verständigung. Mit Materialien zur Oberstufenreligion.

House of Netjer
Kemetic Orthodox temple dedicated to the restoration of the authentic ancient Egyptian religion, through the study of source texts and Egyptological research.

Der Humanist
Zeitgeistkritisches Nachrichten-Magazin mit breit gefächertem Themenspektrum enthält. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Religionskritik und bei der historischen Analyse.

Ohio State University Pagan Student Association
A non-profit organization of undergraduate and graduate students who meet in order to discuss various Pagan religions, other world religions, and issues affecting the local, national and global Pagan community in an open and academic setting.

Muslims Against Cruelty to Animals
Dedicated to compassion towards animals including vegetarianism in Islam.

Boston Research Center for the 21st Century
International peace institute bringing together scholars and activists in dialogue on common values across cultures and religions. Site includes mission, events, and publications.

World Religions and 101 Cults
Contains descriptions and personal commentary of religions, cults, sects, denominations, the occult, Freemasonry, and the New Age.

Islam Review
An expose of the religion of Islam from a Christian point of view.

Miercinga Ríce
A group dedicated to the study, revival, and practice of the pre-Christian religion of the Angles of the kingdom of Mercia. Features history, organization information, events list and discussion boards.

Scientology - Antworten und Lösungen
Download von Scientology-Informationsmaterial im PDF-Format

Ein christlicher Internettreffpunkt und ein Webportal der freikirchlichen Christen in Österreich. Bietet aktuelle Informationen aus dem Bereich Religion in Österreich.

Scientology Lies
Reviews and refutes Scientology's claims about its founder, its members, its critics, its cost, its drug treatment program, its policies, its ethics, its beliefs, and its compatibility with traditional religions. Includes anecdotes about the site owner's harassment by Scientologists.

Teologia e pratica di una religione contemporanea
Un trattato su Scientology che descrive la religione, le sue dottrine e pratiche, con informazioni sui suoi membri e attività nella comunità, la storia della religione e documenti di esperti di religione.

TheTrueLight.Net - Scientology
Brief history and summary of the beliefs of this religion.

Islamic Pictures
Site with pictures of Mecca and links about Saudi Arabian culture and religion.

Airesis: l'eresia della scelta, la scelta dell'eresia.
Dedicato all'indagine sul rapporto tra l'uomo e sacro: riflessioni ed approfondimenti su religione, storia delle religioni, filosofia, esoterismo, tradizioni iniziatiche, alchimia. si avvale di una redazione specialistica e di un comitato scientifico presieduto dal prof. Paolo Aldo Rossi.

Department of Religious Studies, Rice University
A research program dedicated to describing and analyzing all forms of religion and religious behavior.

Religionswissenschaftlicher Medien- und Informationsdienst
Informationen über die Arbeit des Vereins, Publikationen und Texte.

Atheists of Silicon Valley
Atheist organization promoting religion-free lives and the U.S. Constitutional right of freedom from religion. News, information on upcoming events, and links.

The Threshingfloor
Annotated links divided by topic, answering common questions about Christianity and giving information about other religions and denominations.

Monastic Interreligious Dialog
Established by the Benedictine Confederation in 1978 to assume a leadership role in the dialogue between Christianity and the religions of the East, in cooperation with all others engaged in this dialogue.

Church of Scientology of Ottawa
Includes information about services and a profile of the founder of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard's book.

Evangelische Fachhochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe_Bochum
Die in Bochum gelegene Hochschule bietet die Studiengänge Sozialarbeit, Sozialpädagogik, Heilpädagogik, Pflege sowie Religions- und Gemeindepädagogik an.

Atheist Empire - Great Minds
Collection of quotes pertaining to religion, spirituality, atheism, and disbelief.

Chiesa di Scientology della Sardinia
Indirizzo della sede locale ed informazioni generali su questa religione.

Église de Scientologie de Genève
Présentation de cette religion et de la dianétique.

A secular and international look at the role of religion in current political and social justice issues.

Scientology Kirche Bern
Das Nachschlagewerk der Scientology-Religion: Bücher, Video, Persönlichkeit, Kommunikation, Beziehungen, Ausbildung, Drogenrehabilitation.

Chiesa di Scientology dei Tre Laghi
Informazioni sul funzionamento della sede bresciana della Chiesa di Scientology. Test della personalità. Informazioni sulla religione sviluppata da L. Ron Hubbard.

Chiesa di Scientology di Novara
Informazioni sulla sede e sulle basi di questa religione.

Cathalin - Semiotik
Semiotik als Methode der Kulturanthropologie und benachbarter Disziplinen - Narrativik, Musikethnologie, Brauchtumsforschung und Religionsgeschichte.

Musée des religions
Musée d'histoire, d'ethnographie et d'art religieux: expositions temporaires axées sur les grandes traditions religieuses. Nicolet, Québec, Canada.

The Holy Shrine of Journey
Contains fan fiction, press articles, FAQ, pictures, and links. Fan site masquerading as tongue-in-cheek rock-as-religion satire.

InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC)
Brings together people from different religions, economic levels and races to deepen understanding and respect for diverse traditions and to collaborate on key issues of the day. History, events and programs, emergency food and shelter directory, members and links.

Scientology: Der blühende Kult von Gier und Macht. Ruinierte Leben. Verlorene Vermögen. Verbrechen. Scientology gibt sich als Religion aus aber wirklich ist es eine mitleidlose globale Masche und Macht sowie Habgier ist das Hauptziel.

Academy for Jewish Religion
Offers Jewish education to rabbis and cantors including torah, Jewish music, bible study, meditation, cantorial training and rabbinic ordination. Welcomes students worldwide.

Scientologi Kirken Danmark
Information om kirken, religionen, L. Ron Hubbard, dianetik, test, præster, arrangementer og boghandel.

Religionen in Hannover
Die Weltkonferenz der Religionen für den Frieden Hannover und der Aktionskreis der Religionen für den Frieden stellen verschiedene Religionen mit ihren jeweiligen Denominationen vor und verweisen auf die lokalen religiösen Gemeinschaften.
Portal med länkar till information om religioner och religiösa rörelser.

Sanatana Dharma
Sadhana, prayers, rituals and concepts of Hindu religion.

Chiesa di Scientology di Padova
L'indirizzo della sede locale ed informazioni generali sulla religione.

Islamisk Studiebogssamling
Forening der arbejder for at formidle nuanceret og fordomsfri viden om islam og forholdet til andre religioner. Koranen på dansk, og artikler om islamitiske emner.

No Deity
On skepticism and the journey from religion to freedom.

World Religions
Photo Library specialising in the major faiths of the world. Includes places of worship, rites of passage and sacred sites.

Jeremy Richey's Law Blog
A conservative Christian discusses the intersection of law and religion.

Spring of Life
Devotionals and prayer requests. Includes links to a variety of world religions.

FOREF - Forum Religionsfreiheit
Österreichische Menschenrechtsorganisation zur Wahrung des Rechts auf Glaubens- und Gesinnungsfreiheit und des Rechts zur freien öffentlichen Kundgebung. Artikel zu aktuellen Ereignissen, Gesetzestexte, Buchtipps und Zitatesammlung.

Freethought Association of West Michigan
A fellowship of those interested in discussing philosophy, religion, science and social issues from a non-theistic perspective.

Assyrian Christians
News and commentary about Assyrian Christians, human rights and religion in Iraq, and relief efforts.

Defining Bad Religion
A site that contains lyrics and the interpretations of their meaning.

Science and Religion Forum
UK based charity promoting discussion between scientific understanding and religious thought. Includes details of conferences, twice annual publication and an annual report.

Leipziger Preis
Das Europäisch-Amerikanische Bürgerkomitee für Menschenrechte und Religionsfreiheit in den USA

Arbeitsstelle für Religionspädagogik der Evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche in Oldenburg
Hinweise zu regionalen Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten in der Religionspädagogik, Literaturhinweise, Kontaktadressen und Telefonnummern, Hinweise zu Ausleihmöglichkeiten von Medien aller Art, Literaturempfehlungen, Auszüge unserer letzten Publikationen.

Philosophy and Religion
Edited by Dr. R. T. Nolan, site includes issues in philosophy, theology, biblical thought, and ethics, and papers by Cherbonnier and Kirkpatrick.

Kritische Kommentierung der Schriften von Bertha Dudde
Religionswissenschaftliche Untersuchung der Dudde-Schriften, welche über Religion, insbesondere Gnosis und Zeitgeschichte handeln.

Religion in Nineteenth Century America
Book review of author Grant Wacker.

Religionsgemeinschaft des Islam Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V
Enthält ein Handbuch für interkulturelle Kinderarbeit, einen kleinen Moscheeführer sowie Artikel und Referate über das moslemische Leben.

Förening för nordisk naturreligion i Stockholm. Artiklar, information och kalendarum.

New York City - Agnostics
A collection of meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in New York City for recovering alcoholics who prefer an alternative to the emphasis on religion and Higher Power in most A.A. meetings.

Gemeindezeitung der Unitarischen Freien Religionsgemeinde Frankfurt
Bietet Informationen zum Unitarismus und Gemeindeleben.

Calyr Elves Church
This is a fictional religion describing the religious practices of the Calyr Elves of the 9th realm, as well as those who adopt the Elf lifestyle. It encourages followers to embrace diversity and tolerance of all other religions.

Beautiful Islam: the Complete Way of Life
Presents the essential tenets of Islam; also includes articles on current conflicts in the Muslim world, and comparative religion.

Die kirchliche Hierarchie der Scientology Religion
Überblick über die Organisationsstruktur der Scientology-Kirche.

Storia delle Religioni
Sito ufficiale del Dipartimento.

Arbeitskreis Religionsgeographie
Der Arbeitskreis stellt ein Forum für Wissenschaftler/innen dar, die sich mit verschiedenen Aspekten von Religion aus geographischer Perspektive beschäftigen. Informiert wird über Tagungen, Mitglieder, Literatur und Links.

L. Ron Hubbard, pioniere spirituale
Descrive brevemente la vita e le opere dell'uomo che ha lasciato in eredità la religione di Scientology che ancora gli sopravvive.

Center for Religious Architecture
A non-profit body which aims to provide a museum in Chicago for the study and teaching of the world’s religions through the use of models of religious architecture from around the world. Details of models completed and under construction.

Leipziger Preis
Das Europäisch-Amerikanische Bürgerkomitee für Menschenrechte und Religionsfreiheit in den USA setzt sich für Menschenrechte und Religionsfreiheit ein und engagiert sich in der Auseinandersetzung insbesondere gegenüber neuen totalitären Organisationen. Es informiert über seine Grundsätze, die Preisverleihungen, Reden der Preisträger und das Presseecho. [D-14165 Berlin]

La speranza dell'uomo
Un articolo su Scientology, l'opera di Hubbard: l'applicazione della scienza moderna al conseguimento della meta che la religione ha cercato di conseguire in tutta la storia.

La Religion di Scientology: L'Essere Supremo
Presenta un articolo.

Weltkonferenz der Religionen für den Frieden
Organisiert Veranstaltungen, um die Verständigung zwischen den Religionen zu fördern.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Shoals
Florence. Upcoming events, sermons, overview of world religions.

A Christian Review of Bad Religions and Beliefs
Articles and scans of newspaper articles opposing a wide variety of religious beliefs.

Institut für Vergleichende Staat-Kirche-Forschung
Das unabhängiges Institut beschäftigt sich u.a. mit den Themen Atheismus, Säkularisierung, DDR-Geschichte, Kirchen in Osteuropa, Religionen in Berlin und Hugenotten.

Kurzinformationen zum Glauben, zum Religionsunterricht, Geschichten.

Mental Stirrings
Portal features articles and links for philosophy, literature, religion, history and art. Offers categories devoted to education, publications, as well as museums and specialty bookstores.

Larsons förlag
Litteratur inom områden som hälsa, kompetensutveckling, livsåskådning och religion. Ger ut böcker av filosofen Paul Brunton.

Geistchristliche Kirche e.V.
Vorstellung der Religionsgemeinschaft in Kindenheim, ihrer Geschichte und Lehren. Mit Online-Ausgabe der Zeitschrift "Der Sendbote" und Informationen zu den Schriften Joh. Grebers.

Secular Humanist Society of Chicago
Explores and affirms living life as a secular humanist dedicated to improving the human condition through rational inquiry and creative thinking unfettered by superstition, religion, or any form of dogma. Includes information on its discussion groups, social outings and related activities.

Association d'aide aux aux israélites agés et malades (ADIAM)
Cette association, créée en 1965, a comme objectif premier de répondre à l'urgence : permettre aux survivants de la Shoah, sans ressource, âgés, isolés, de continuer à vivre en respectant, sils le désiraient, les traditions de leur religion. Au cours du temps les objectifs ont un peu changé. ADIAM fait en particulier du soutien à domicile.

Occuparsi della vita con la religione di Scientology
Articolo di L. Ron Hubbard sulla religione e sulla spiritualità e il ruolo che Scientology gioca nella storia della religione.

Die Meisterung des Lebens mit der Scientology Religion
L. Ron Hubbard beschreibt die Scientology als Schmelztiegel von Quellen wie Hinduismus, Taoismus und Buddhismus, verschiedensten anderen christlichen und nichtchristlichen Religionen sowie philosophischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Schriften.

Che cos'e Scientology?
Descrizione dettagliata e itinerario europeo con le date di apertura di un'esposizione, inaugurata a Milano, sulla religione e sul suo impegno sociale .

Melbourne Hebrew Congregation

The misunderstood religion --- Islam

Ökumenisches Pfarrzentrum St. Maximilian Kolbe

Ökumenisches Gemeindezentrum Frankenthal-Pilgerpfad

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